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About Us

Shree Matrimonny India is govt. registered marriage bureau holding register No. 1 , dated 02 Aug 2016 as per govt act 5 (2) & (4) rule No. 3. It is sinces from 26 Jan 2014 and 1000+ candidates married till date.This Marriage bureau has more than 62 branches and information about every candidate is verified by respective branch.There is no chance of cheating and no any another registration is required. Once you have registered into bureau , every kind of help like contact,meeting,engagement,marriage date,reception hall etc is done personally at appropriate price.

“Shree Matrimony India, is the “Service Centre” which helps, support & guide to those who are interested to establish their own ‘Marriage Bureaus’ & ready to attach with Us. It also provides support under it’s arm from existing “Marriage Bureaus” run by individuals. We coordinates among all individual owners/directors of Marriage Bureaus and acts as a medium to provide services as agreed during sign up with individual owner/director of every centers.

Particularly retired people, house wives and individuals who are determined to work for match making are brought under one umbrella “Shree Matrimony India"". Our Service Centre makes them understand all rules & regulation and helps them to form their own independent marriage bureau. Through such marriage bureaus, activities are carried out collectively. “Shree Vadhu-Var Suchak Mandal, Service Centre is successfully promoted hundreds of such promising and interested individual run marriage bureaus by which they are utilizing their time productively for this cause and also enjoying social, personal & financial independence. “Shree Vadhu-Var Suchak Mandal, Service Centre has been successful in effectively making matches many candidates in multiple of hundreds.

“Shree Vadhu-Var Suchak Mandal, Service Centre is an idea & concept developed by Mr.Rajan Jadhav and therefore being a well wisher, he is actively associated as Advisor/Consultant. Match making activities are being managed by affiliated marriage bureaus under direct control of “Shree Vadhu-Var Suchak Mandal, Service Centre” and run on independent basis by individual owners / directors of marriage bureaus.

Director of our centres and me also feel very happy and say, very proudly that this plant of Shree marriage Bureau after 8 years is going to huge banyan trees .At present shree matrimony have more than 3000 of proposals of girls and boys which included proposals even for NRI's higher educated girls and boys. Our main office is situated in Ratnagiri Tal & Dist- Ratnagiri . State- Maharashtra. So we have maximum proposals from Maharashtra For open new marriage bureau branch contact on- 9423805286 or 7972653440.

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